Athens is full of museums, but this museum obviously deserves the title of a learning experience. Athens University was the goal of Greeks fighting for Independence in 1821. Their will to establish an institution as those of western Europe became a reality soon afterwards Athens independence. Today the ex-house of architect Schubert, a paradigm of Greek revival concept, hosts the history of Athens University, an academic organism that waited for centuries after Plato’s Academy to operate.


Today the museum is open to the public with an admission fee of 2 euros. Its program is related not to those of museums, but to Athens University, so it is open at the mornings. It is located at Tholou 5, under agios Symeon church at Anafiotika.

It should be also added that while the building was into Schubert possession, it worked also as the meeting point of Bavarians in Athens. It definitely worth a visit.

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