Here is a top list for Around Plaka POI’s in a walking distance from Plaka.

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 1 National Garden & Guards at Syntagma 

National Garden is few minutes from Kydathineon. It’s a really interesting walk, where you can see trees that are exotic. Next to the garden there is the Greek Parliament, former palace. 

 2 Athens Walls    

Athens was not just the birthplace of democracy but a well fortified city, until Roman times. So its city walls should be examined better in six main phases, the initial and first on Acropolis’ rock, the second on its foot, third the expansion until Piraeus and Hellenistic period, fourth during Roman times, fifth in medieval times and sixth and final in Ottoman times.

You can visit some spots that are open around the city. More information will follow. 

 3. Gazi- by Walking the pedestrian from Thissio 

From Thissio metro station, you can follow three routes. 

The first walking Adrianou and move towards Plaka. 

The second walk towards Areopagus hill and Acropolis, and walk around Acropolis- a nice walk, but a bit long. You can reach also Pnyx and Filopappou hills. 

The third walk is going south, walk the pedestrian street and get to Gazi, where Technopolis, an open convention center is located. There are interesting buildings towards the area and you also see Keramikos ancient site from above.  

 4 Panathenaic- Kallimarmaro Stadium   

Panathenaic Stadium was initially constructed around 330 BC and reconstructed in 1870. You can visit it and you can also run on the top of it, there is an entrance on the back side of it. Read more about it here

 5 Pikionis Pathway & Filopappou monument    

From Plaka, after Acropolis Museum you can follow Pikionis pathway– a remarkable construction at the hill and follow the traces of the ancient city walls and more. You can go to Pnyx, passing from Loumpardiaris church, another astonishing temple of Athens. 

  6. Psirri Square    

Psirri square is one more Athens’ historical neighborhoods. Lord Byron stayed here, during his visit to Athens. Psirri is mentioned for the first time in 1678, at a French traveller’s book, as one of the 8 Athenian plateaus. Today there are numerous taverns, where people come to spend their free time, in fair prices.

7. Athens National Archeological Museum 

The most important museum of Athens, a must visit. 

8. Areopagitou Pedestrian 

Next to Plaka art walking area, Areopagitou pedestrian street is one of the oldest streets of Athens. Before it becomes a pedestrian street, it was a roadway. Today it connects Thisseio metro station (via Apostolou Pavlou Str.) with Acropolis metro and of course Plaka.

The project of uniting the ancient roads of Athens, was a vision of Melina Merkouri, a visionary Minister of Culture, few decades ago.

 9. Athens Open Air Cinemas 
If you are in Athens during summer, you have to visit at least your closest open air cinema.  Most of the movies are US, so it is no problem to watch. Here is a list with some of them, around the city center.