Athens and taxis

Many things are told for Athens taxi drivers, and some times is unfortunately the truth. Generally speaking, avoiding troubles while travelling is a must. So regarding taxis today there are many apps you can use in Athens in order to have a safe trip and keep away from trouble and potential dangers in Athens. Especially for Plaka area, taxis are mostly looking for trips to hotels at Glyfada (near the beach) or the airport or Piraeus port, where they can have more benefit than for routes closer to the center of the city.

Taxi Tips

If you can, download apps to your mobile, and the best is beat.

When you don’t want to use your mobile, if you are at a tourist area, agree on the price of the route with the taxi driver.

If you are at the street, ask the taxi driver to turn on the tariff meter. Also you can check the GPS app that most of the taxis today use.

You can find available vehicles opposite the Olympian Zeus temple, or ask your hotel reception to help you.

Planning your tours with a taxi

Moving around Athens is cheap and easy with a cab. Also you can use a taxi to make a tour around Attica monuments, either the medieval, or visit the east Attica beach, or the mountains and enjoy the city view from Penteli, Parnitha or Immitos. Believe us, it worth visiting, and its easier than somebody thinks. Most distances are around 30 minutes from Athens center.

Of course it is better to have an experienced driver in order to save time and money. If you want to make daily trip, it is much better to ask for a transfer service with a taxi or a van. Send us an email for that and we would be glad to help you enjoy Athens.