Best mountains of the world

Did you know that Athens is surrounded not by one but – by three big mountains, and hills are everywhere in the city? Well its time to learn some basic information regarding them!

More or less, Attica is known for Athens and Acropolis, Sounio and maybe Marathon as well. But Athens is surrounded by mountains, that have their own history and natural environment, offering some really interesting options for someone to visit.

Amazing mountain tips

Do you have enough time and a car? Try Dekeleia fortress at Parnitha. More time? Go to Ntavelis Cave at Penteli. Even more? Climb at Immitos top and view Athens. Moreover there are medieval monuments, monasteries that are everywhere on these mountains.

Do you have enough time and good shoes? Walk around all Athens hills- it’s really not THAT long.

Parnitha was the connection of Athens to Thebes and its northern borders, that is why fortress of Dekeleia is there. Even today Dekelias is the avenue that passes via Nea Filadelfia suburb. Penteli on the contrary, was used since antiquity as a marble source, so that Parthenon was build with Pentelic marble – bianco di penteli– is its name. Today an excavation at Pentelis Avenue 133 (among the streets Parnithos, Messinias and Lakonias and in distance about 80 meters from Halandri river) gives us details regarding the techniques used to carry the marble to Acropolis.

As for Immitos or Hymmetus, it was a famous mountain for its honey. Also, Kaisariani Monastery still stands there and its easily accessible by car. All mountains have unknown history and secrets that are waiting all of us to discover them. What you can also enjoy is the view to the sea of Saronikos from everywhere.