Athenians and modern city

Besides the ancient landmarks and historical facts, Athens has numerous of selections for modern style admirers. Some of the sites combine neoclassical features, giving the typical essence of Athens and Greece. However, even modern, history is behind each one of them.

1. Zappeion & National Garden

Zappeion is the dream of a Greek living in Romania in the 1850’s. Zappas was inspired by poet Panagiotis Soutsos, who essentially introduced the concept of establishing parallel cultural activities and exhibitions modeled on the first world’s fair in London (1851). It was the time of industrial revolution of the 19th century, and Zappas wanted to keep pace with it. Today Zappeion hosts events in Aigli, and there is also an open-air cinema.

2. The Parliament & Presidential Guard

Greek Parliament became famous during the Greek crisis (2007). Nonetheless, it consists a major historical building, built as Bavarian King Otto new palace, onto the Boubounistras Hill (where one of the seven gates of Haseki Wall existed before, in the corner of Othonos & Amalias), during 1836-1862. Anafiotes workers came to work for its construction (a total of 520 people), that later created Anafiotika in Plaka.

The monument that exist in front of the Parliament, depicts a dead soldier, designed in 1926-1929 and completed in 1932, and the Presidential Guard was assigned to guard it 24/7.

3. Lycabettus cable car

The cable car base is located in Kolonaki, Ploutarhou & Aristippou. In 3 minutes time and a ticket of 7 euros you can get up to Lycabettus hill, enjoy the view, Saint George chapel and have a lunch or dinner.

4. Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

A new established and great landmark of Athens. Every weekend most of Athenian families visit the place to have coffee, lunch and ride bicycles in the artificial lake. There are many happenings that take place. 

5. Athens botanical garden, Iera Odos 403.

This garden was created and donated to Athens university, a place you definitely have to be if you have days to spend in Athens. The visit there will stay in your mind forever. 

6. First Cemetery of Athens

Greek history definitely passed and stayed here. A collection of celebrities, in central hill, behind the place of the first bavarian pub, Mets area. A walk there is a trip to history. A great site for navigating there is here, where you can read stories of George Finley, Dimitris Pikionis (with the famous pathway),  Korais, Kolokotronis and many other famous persons involved in modern Greek history.

7. Panathenaic Stadium (Kalimarmaro)

Close to Mets area in Pagrati as well, Panathenaic stadium, the finish of Athens Marathon is waiting for you. You can get there also after Zappeion and National Garden. Dated in 4th century BC, rebuilt in the 2nd AD. In 1896 it hosted Athens first Olympics. Don’t miss the chance to visit it during Athens Marathon, every November. A nice place to run as well, while in Athens.

8. Attica Zoological Park

Even not inside Athens, but in Spata, near the airport, it is a really interesting place to spend time with children.

9. Hansen Trilogy

The three buildings of Theofilus Hansen, that marked the era of neoclassical Athens ( here is the link for you)  are located at Panepistimiou street.