Athens Traders Association shopping Maps

Shopping and Agora NOW

Are you in shop mood in Athens and haven’t decided yet? Well, Athens Traders Association is the official Shoppers and Traders union of the city of Athens, established back to 1909. So, besides Adrianou, Kydathineon and Pandrosou streets at Plaka, here are some maps to guide your shopping walks around the city of Athens.

Acropolis of Athens map

Plaka- Monastiraki

There are also some gift categories proposed to Athens visitors from the Union, you can find them here.

Athens has many different markets besides Plaka streets, such as Pandrosou, Ermou, Monastiraki Flea market, Varvakeios.

Don;t forget about Plaka restaurants, and shopping options. Get our free  map here, check Anavasi maps for more info!