Athens learning experience

Athens stands for Learning

Athens is continually learning and growing  -and we are all doing the same. Even its brand- the owl- connects our thought to learning (since owl can move her head around her body). An emblem that was used thousand of years ago is still being used, this time as a memoir…

So, what had started from Theseus and passed to Solon, gave Cleisthenes

and Themistocles the power to maximise democracy, bringing it through Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the Great to the rest of the world. Is democracy still in Athens? Yes it is on the Acropolis and Parthenon and Plaka streets today.

Parthenon is being admired because the ideals of the mankind were managed in order to be depicted in one image: temple of Athena, at her city, Athens.

Why it is so important? Because only one this happened in global history. Mathematics, art, philosophy and aesthetics and wealth gave this result. Today Athens is trying to follow this example. More than 40 museums, 17 foreign archaeological schools, foundations, hills, churches, mountains, archaeological sites and monuments of every historical period, medieval towers, caves, surrounded by sea and special places for children, students, weirdos, everyone!

Plaka, keeping its name from Ottoman period, meaning old town, is waiting for visitors to start their Athens walk from there. Travelling in time was never that accessible.

Besides, this city was, is and will be for everyone. Who can resist satisfying the natural desire of curiosity, learning and experiencing? Nobody, so keep learning.