Athens Flying Week

Flying week: a must for September in Athens

Are you tired from typical and boring events? Here is one that will make you fly, for real!!!! The AFW event is being organised in Greece for 8 years in a row, and it is a major event for the most adventurous parts of it! The site of Tanagra airport that takes place is located at the area of Tanagra, at its Air Base actually, that is north of Athens, approximately one hour drive (70 kilometres) from Plaka- Athens center.

So, Athens Flying Week (AFW) Tanagra International Air Show for 2019 is organised on September 18-23 2019.

The event is recommended both for grown-ups but also for kids, who want to live an experience. Don’t forget that Athens Flying Week is an international event, with more than 400.000 fans across the globe.

Event facilities

There is free parking, playground for the kids, a trade fair, but also restaurants and cafes during the show.

Greece has a vast history of military and political aviation, so it is a huge opportunity for a person to try to attend the show- even from outside the airport- in case that someone cannot afford to buy a ticket.