Why visit the Flea Market

Monastiraki area is directly related to Athens open market- bazaar, the famous flea market. What you will see there today, the two centuries ago traveller would have also met in front of him: Pantanassa church, the Tzistirakis mosque, and the entrance of the flea market. The sign over your head shows you the way to a more “eastern Mediterranean” buy & sell approach, so you have to be ready to bargain. Please don’t forget that mentality this is only applicable around Monastiraki and open market areas, NOT to the rest of the shops.

The flea market is located to the south, while walking towards Thiseio, but by Ifestou, the street in parallel with Adrianou (the lower part) street, just outside metro entrance. There you can exercise your bargaining skills, since the place is open for counter-offers, it is a real experience.

You can find clothes, vinyl discs, old books, street food, jewels of any price and type, furniture, vintage gifts and many more. While walking down Ifestou you will find at your right hand Olgianna’s handmade Sandals shop, but also Avissinias square where the epicenter of Athens antique market lies.

Athens Flea market consists of a real experience, since it combines the eastern side of the capital of Greece, next to excavations, but also a unique opportunity to search for things that you have never imagined before.

More shopping options include Plaka district’s streets, like Kydathineon, Pandrosou and Adrianou. You can find literally anything: olive oil, honey, jewellery, paintings, ouzo, and a huge variety of souvenirs.