Plaka by night

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Athens by night

A phrase used around the 1970’s, when Athens was the center of Mediterranean entertainment. Bouzoukia, rebetiko music, this is where syrtaki came from and Aristotle Onassis. It was the period after World War II, when Greece received the US aid, and Athens was expanding as the south eastern NATO ally. Greeks were celebrating all day long, and they became famous for that. Moreover, Athens is a city that attracts walks or rides, since the geographical spot of the city allows its view from one of the hills, or exploring its streets by night.

Athens nightlife today

Cultural nightlife without dinner

If you are a summer foreign visitor and you can experience Dora Stratou theater, located at Filpappou hill and watch a show of traditional Greek dances, a must experience for Summer in Athens. If you want more in terms of theater/festival options, Athens Festival offers shows at Herodion Theater, located at the slopes of Acropolis, at night as well.

Another experience are the open air cinemas that exist in Athens, where you can combine a drink.

Greek night including dinner

Plaka offers some opportunities for Greek nights, at some tavernas. The show lasts for one-two hours, and visitors love it, since it is something more entertaining than the Dora Stratou dance experience.

Rooftops by night

Restaurants or hotel restaurants around Acropolis offer dinners with a remarkable view of Acropolis. Especially when the sky is clear (if its windy) you can enjoy the view at Saronikos islands as well.

Bars, cocktails and drinks

The city is really famous for having a drink. Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirri, Gazi, Metaxourgio, at the center, Glyfada at the south, Kifisia at the north, you can enjoy your night out all around the city. Bars are open at least around 2 a.m. offering you a vast time to experience the city’s treasures.

Plaka is very safe, also during the night, it is an area that is populated and has security as well. 

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