Athens and Epidaurus festival is here for Summer 2022

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While in Athens and Greece you can find hundred of events that take place around the country, especially during summer. Either Orthodox celebrations, ancient theatrical performances, such as in Epidaurus or food festivals, choices are unlimited, even though there is some problem with getting the information :D!

The famous Athens- Epidaurus festival’s program was announced for Summer season 2022. The festival goes 66 years back, since this is the 67th season. So for 2022, there will be featured more than 70 production and there will attend appr. 2000 performers.

The venues are two main, the ancient theater of Epidaurus in Peloponnesus, the Odeon of Herod in Athens, next to Filopappou Hill and some more in Athens.

For the official program you can press here and you will be redirected in the Festival’s official page.