The Orthodox chapel of Prophet Elissaios is related to two major modern Greek personalities: that of Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911, born in Skiathos) and the saint Nikolaos Planas (1851-1932), one of the most modern saint of Orthodox church. 

Papadiamantis was a chanter at the chapel. His most famous works are the serialized novels The Gypsy GirlThe Emigrant, and The Merchants of Nations.

The chapel is located at Areos 14 str., at Monastiraki station and has been restored recently. It was built around the 17th century and is mentioned at the first Athens architectural plan of Schaubert and Cleisthenis. 

Saint Nikolas Planas was the priest that was responsible for the small chapel, and the official date of his duties was March 2nd 1884. 

Alexandros Papadiamantis is considered one of the major personalities regarding modern Greek literature, some could say a “Greek Dostoyevsky”, who wrote many stories that described the psychosynthesis of modern Greeks. These two gentlemen lived at the same period, and were together spiritually under the chapel of Prophet Elissaios. 

At its yard, some pieces of Parthenon that Lord Elgin stole, were prepared in order to be shipped to UK. 

Today the chapel is a part of Greek Folk Art Museum, that belongs to the Ministry of Culture.